About H&S

Let us introduce you to H&S Painting.

H&S, the most prestigious painting company, welcomes the opportunity for you to take the tour with us since we opened our doors 16 years ago.

Not only is our lead superintendent, Peter Davidson, the owner, he is very knowledgeable in the field. Peter Davidson uses a hands-on approach in order to ensure the proper delivery of all services requested by our clients.

Peter was born in a small upstate New York town. After leaving, one of his bosses suggested that he help and run an office in Florida and supervise some high profile jobs in the area. H&S is the first contractor for MGM, Universal Studios, and many clients in the state of New York. H&S also aided in finishing the Epcot theme park when it was painted for the first time. Most notably to Florida, H&S has just about done every Publix in the state of.

No job is too little or too small for H&S painting. Our staff is taught by the best, to be the best. We believe planning and open conversation is what make our jobs run quick and beautifully.

We are also experts in electrolytic painting and gold leaving. We have at least 2 artists willing to work with any of our clients’ needs.

Remember, H&S is family owned and operated and we can guarantee that H&S has the utmost integrity, one of our founding business principles.
We are licensed, bonded and insured, as well as state certified in specialty finishes.

We recommend that you look over our talents compared to other the painting contractors in the Orlando Area. We don’t just service Orlando, we are able to work in any city or county and hold many licenses to do so.